Pedro iaco

the great scream


Iaco is one of the avatars for Dionysus: in Ancient Greece, he was the entity responsible to call ‘the great scream’ and would conduct the procession of the Eleusinian Mysteries initiations.

Pedro Iaco is a Brazilian singer, composer and guitar player. Dedicates himself to the expansion of the voice as an instrument connected to both songs and classical music. His sound derives from the frontier between composition and improvisation.

In 2009 he lived in London, working with vocal innovator Phil Minton and performed around the free improvisation and contemporary music scene.

His music travels to many countries including Brasil, USA, Germany, France, England, Sweden and Portugal.

In 2017 he released Rio Escuro, debut album by the duo Iasi Iaco.

Performed with Guinga, Bobby McFerrin and Tommy Emmanuel.


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